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Oh, hi Friday.  There you are, THANK GOODNESS!  This week certainly seemed like a long one, and I am more than ready for some fun times and relaxation this weekend.  We have tons of activities planned for the weekend, so it should be a jam-packed one for sure.  Time for a quick post of fun things from the week……

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  • Mid-Week Ladies’ night

The ladies in my neighborhood try to get together in the evenings every so often.  This week, it was my turn to host.  I had a great time hanging out with a small group of my neighbor friends.  I feel very fortunate that we live in a “young” neighborhood.  Most of the families are younger couples, with and without children.  It makes for so many great opportunities for play dates, cookouts, ladies’ nights, pool parties, etc.  However.  Sometimes, a ladies night in the middle of the week is not such a hot idea.  Case in point……

Me.  When my alarm clock went off at 6:30 the next morning.  It was a long Thursday, friends.  Let’s just leave it at that.

  • Blue Apron– While I know that most people out there have tried Blue Apron (or one of the other myriad meal delivery services), I thought that I would give it a shout out.  (Side note….I have another post that has been in the works for a while, comparing several different meal plans.  However, it may end up coming out early summer, when I have more time to polish it up).

If you have not given any of the services a shot yet, definitely go for it.  Depending on your typical grocery bill, they can be a little pricey.  However, ALL of the companies offer fantastic deals to new customers, so you can try the plans for a nominal charge, and then cancel right away if you choose.  You can also sometime earn free meals by referring others to the program.  The company send frequent emails with discounts as well.  Therefore, you can often utilize most of these programs fairly frequently, and not pay an arm and a leg.

Blue Apron was kind enough to send me three free meals, and Kenny and I enjoyed cooking together last week.  Honestly, cooking dinner together (with a great bottle of wine), makes for a fantastic date night!  The Lemongrass Burger with Cabbage Slaw was probably my favorite of the meals, since I am such a burger lover.  We also had a salmon-based meal, which I was excited about, since I am trying to eat more fish.

Okay, a photographer I am not, and I really need to try better, huh?  But trust me….it was good.  If you are interested in trying Blue Apron, I am including an offer below.  This offer is for new customers only.  And a big thank you to Blue Apron for their generosity in providing me with some free meals.  This tired mama greatly appreciates it!

$30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order


  • Toddler Mohawks

Need I say more?  Check out this cutie!

  • Delicious Junk Food 

I found both of these gems at Walmart last week.

Bugles bring me back to days on the beach in Cape Cod as a kid.  I honestly don’t think I have eaten any in a good 25 years, but I definitely plan on buying a bag or six for our beach trip to Delaware next month.  As for the lightly salted tortilla chips, those were a steal at Walmart.  (Just over a buck!)  Since my blood pressure is still elevated since having Gavin, I look at easy ways to cut back on sodium.  I will be honest, the chips were a little bland, so if you are desperate for a salty craving, they might not be your thing.  But, since most people dip their chips anyhow, I thought they were perfectly adequate, and would purchase them again.

  • PAW Patrol Live

I don’t know who is more excited about going to see the show tomorrow, Gavin or myself.  Those of you with toddlers, especially boys, know just what I am talking about.  And if you have a baby boy……brace yourself, friends.  PAW Patrol will very shortly be a part of your everyday life!  Gavin’s favorite pup is Marshall, and I love Skye.  I can’t wait to see the look on Gavin’s face tomorrow!

  • E-readers

For an avid reader like myself, it is crazy to think that I only just started using an e-reader.  And that was only because I needed to, in order to read and review NetGalley books.  So far, I like it fairly well.  Obviously, they are super light and far more portable, but I do miss holding a book and turning the pages.  I don’t have anything fancy, just a Samsung tablet that we already had, but it gets the job done, without any bells or whistles.  One interesting thing….I find myself reading much faster.  It is almost as if I am skimming the story.  I guess this is because that is how I read on computers??  Not sure.  Because of that, I almost don’t find e-readers as relaxing.  I like to read books slowly, so that I can really enjoy them.

Also…….no more spoilers!  I am guilty as charged of always flipping to the end of a book to find the killer, or see how the story plays out.  I feel like on an e-reader, it is much more difficult to just hop to the ending.  Maybe that is also why I am reading faster??  I could just be more eager to see how the story plays out.  Who knows?  Overall, I like e-readers more than I ever expected to.

Well, that’s a wrap!  What are some fun plans that you all have for the weekend?  Our pool is also opening this weekend, so I imagine that we might head over there as well.  And I have to ask…..if you watch PAW Patrol, who is your favorite character?

Heather 🙂




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