Gavin’s Bedtime Routine and Giveaway Time!


A big thank you to HALO SleepSack, for the generous gifts of a HALO SleepSack for Gavin, as well as one lucky reader!

When I first began registering for baby items, I naturally added some baby swaddles to my list. I did not really know too much about the brands or different types at that time.  After Gavin was born, I attempted to stick him in those pre-made swaddles right away. Well…..maybe it was just me, but I swear, you need to be a member of Mensa to figure those things out.  I was looping, tucking, reading diagrams, watching YouTube videos…..please.  With the  combination of fatigue and baby brain, I pretty much ditched those swaddles and moved on.  If there was ever a way to make a college-educated new mom feel like an idiot, that was it.

On one of my five hundred trips to Buy Buy Baby to make a return or a purchase, I stumbled upon the HALO SleepSack, and my whole world changed.  This swaddle was virtually idiot-proof!  I could zip Gavin in, and I had the option to easily swaddle his arms with velcro, or leave them unswaddled.  (Gavin personally did not love being swaddled, so it was great to have the option to leave his arms free).  I loved it so much that I went back to the store to purchase a couple more.  (As we know, newborns tend to spit up quite a bit, so at any given time, one was in the laundry).


From there on out, Gavin has always had a few HALO SleepSacks.  During the winter, he sleeps in a cozy fleece version, and in the warmer months, I use the cotton version.  After about six months, I ditched the swaddle versions altogether, and went straight to the regular HALO SleepSack wearable blanket.  HALO actually makes wearable blankets for each stage of your child’s growth, from newborn to toddlers.  I loved the fact that the HALO SleepSacks act as a wearable blanket, so Gavin is able to be warm and cozy in his crib, without having to risk any loose blankets that could pose a potential SIDS risk.  At almost three years old, Gavin has now transitioned to the HALO SleepSack Big Kids line and uses the SleepSack for both naps and nighttime slumber.

His nighttime routine is always pretty much the same.  We head up for bed around 6:45 or so.  If it is a designated bath night, we splish-splash for about ten minutes.  (Because of Gavin’s eczema, we only bathe him 2-3 nights a week).  Afterwards, we brush teeth and head into his nursery (is it still a nursery if he is almost three??) for story time.  My husband works evenings several nights a week, so on those nights, it is just Gavin and I. Mr. Bossy Pants steals the glider while he directs me to a pillow on the floor.  Perhaps a lesson on chivalry is next on the agenda?

But, he is so cute that I can’t say no.  Plus, I love that he enjoys flipping through books independently.  After a few books, he tends to get bored, and he so “generously” offers me his seat.  We then cuddle and read a few more books, then it is time for “Mommy rock you.”  (He loves me to sing “Wheels on the Bus”, Darius Rucker’s “Wagon Wheel”, and John Denver’s “Country Roads.”)  Then, it’s time for prayers and night-nights.

On the nights that my husband is home, he does the evening routine, and let me tell you ladies……there is nothing better than seeing your husband rock the bedtime routine.

Those two…….just the cutest.

In the above pictures, Gavin is wearing a HALO SleepSack from the Big Kids line.  I love that this line has foot openings, so you can have the option of covering feet, or leaving them exposed.

A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and reached out to HALO.  I explained my genuine love for the product, and how we are easily going on HALO SleepSack #15.  (No shame in that game, friends).  The company generously offered to send Gavin a HALO SleepSack from their Big Kid line.  They have also offered one lucky reader a new HALO SleepSack for their infant or toddler!  If you are interested, please follow instructions below.  One lucky winner will be drawn Saturday morning!

This post begs a couple final questions…..where can I find an adult-sized versionfor myself, and will Gavin still be wearing a HALO SleepSack when he heads off to college??  Ha!

Addtional Tips to Reduce SIDS Risk

  • No loose blankets or stuffed animals in crib
  • Remove all bumpers
  • Babies should sleep in cooler rooms, so monitor room temps.  (68-72 degrees Fahrenheit is best).
  • Always put baby to sleep on back.  (The infant HALO SleepSacks have “Back is Best” embroidered on the front of the sack, which is great!)

Enter below to win a HALO SleepSack!

Simply comment below, mentioning who the HALO SleepSack would be for.  (Yourself or a friend is fine!)  Also, follow HALO on Instagram @HALOSleep, and also follow me and comment on the post of Gavin wearing a HALO SleepSack.  @Real_Life_Mama78.  Good luck!

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Have a wonderful week, friends!

Heather 🙂

7 thoughts on “Gavin’s Bedtime Routine and Giveaway Time!

  1. Very excited about having the option of easy to use swaddles that babies love! Our baby girl due in September would love a Halo Slepsack!

  2. For Avery! She loves being all cuddled up, but I don’t like to put her to sleep with fluffy blankets at her age (13 months).

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