Book Review #7- “The Break Down”

I would like to extend a big thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advance copy of this novel.

Wow! This book had me hooked from the very beginning. Cass and Matthew are a happily married couple, residing in England.  Living a comfortable life, they are enjoying themselves and contemplating starting a family. However, all of their plans come to a screeching halt one rainy summer evening. Cass is driving home alone along an isolated road in the woods, when she spots a car parked on the side of the road. Inside a car is a woman who appears to be all by herself. Cass realizes that she should offer to pull over and help the woman, but feels uneasy, as it is late at night. Would it be dangerous for her to pull over? After all, in this day and age, anything is bound to happen. Ultimately, she decides to drive on, and puts the incident out of her mind…..but not for long.

The following morning, the news reports that a woman was murdered the previous evening.  Cass is shocked and horrified when she discovers that the victim is the same woman who she crossed paths with the previous evening. Cass is conflicted with emotions. Relieved that she did not stop and put herself in harm’s way, she is also burdened by guilt. Could she somehow have intervened and prevented the woman’s death?  An even more frightening thought…..could the killer have been watching Cass?  Does he know who she is?

Over the next several weeks, matters only go downhill. Cass becomes so obsessed with the murder that she can barely function. Her thoughts are constantly on the events of that summer night. Little does she know that her life is soon about to spiral out of control.

Shortly afterwards, Cass begins receiving strange phone calls when she is alone. She has the constant feeling of being watched by someone. Packages begin arriving at her house….packages that she is certain that she did not order. What is happening? Is Cass going crazy? Could the guilt be eating her alive? Or, is someone toying with her mind, subconsciously threatening her, pushing her towards the brink of insanity? Who can she trust? Most importantly, is she next on the murderer’s list?

Overall Thoughts

The Breakdown is B.A. Paris’ second novel, and there is no doubt that she writes a thriller that will have you flipping pages all day (or all night) long. While both of her novels have been a tad bit predictable, I have found that there have been enough twists and turns to keep me engaged throughout. I will also say….there are times in the novel when you do have to be able to suspend reality. A couple of events bordered on the ludicrous. Hopefully, as the author matures as a writer, she will be able to hone her writing skills, and eliminate some of the plot elements that are not realistic. Although, hey, she is publishing books and raking in cash, so what do I know, right?

This would make an excellent summer beach read. It is tense, gripping, and easy to read. If you are in the market for a suspense novel/psychological thriller, look no further than The Breakdown.

And be sure to avoid those desolate country roads late at night.

More Information

The Breakdown is set to be released on July 18th.  Pre-order your copy here, or be sure to get on your library’s waiting list.  This book has “summer hit” written all over it!  If you missed B.A. Paris’ first novel, Behind Closed Doors is another page turner.  Check it out here.

If you are an avid reader like myself, take a look at my list of some of my favorite authors.  I have included different genres, so hopefully you can spot something that you like.

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