Quick Getaway to Asheville, NC

Happy Tuesday!  I am here with a quick recap of our brief getaway to Asheville, NC last weekend.  We took a trip to Asheville back in January to visit my brother, but during that trip, we had Mr. Wiggles with us.  While we still had a blast, we really wanted to come back and do some brewery hopping.  In particular, we wanted to check this place out…….

That’s right.  The Sierra Nevada Brewery.  Basically like a Disney World for adult craft beer lovers.  I had visited the brewery back in December with my friend Barbara, and I was blown away.  Seriously, if you live within a few hours of this place, you must try to make it here.  Driving onto the property is literally like driving up to the Biltmore Castle.  I knew instantly that I must bring Kenny back ASAP!

Anyhow, after dropping Gavin off with his grandparents for the day, we arrived in Asheville early Saturday afternoon.  There was a bit of a snafu right away.  Well…..I sort of booked a hotel room on the fly.  I was rushed, did not do a whole bunch of research, and may or may not have had a couple of drinks in me when I booked.  The place looked fine, and it was recommended by a beer blogger in his 20’s.  (Mistake #1…..obviously, broke beer bloggers in their 20’s don’t care where they stay when they are out partying.  Let’s be real…..the kid probably didn’t even make it back to the place at the end of the night, right?)

Mistake #2……it was fairly moderately priced for being located smack dab in the middle of downtown Asheville.  Not cheap, by any means.  Alas, I should have been suspect at the price.  I also could have done a bit more research before I pulled the trigger.  You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when we pulled up to this place.  (No, I am not going to share the name, because that would totally be not cool).  It only got worse when we pulled into the parking lot behind the motel.  (Oh, yeah, there is that.  There was no mention anywhere that this place was actually a motel rather than a hotel).  Sketchy characters were loitering on the balconies, and an old man with no teeth kept waving at us.  Fun times.

My phone was in my hands in about .2 seconds, as I Googled Asheville hotels and booked the first one I found, a lovely Holiday Inn close to downtown.  Luckily, I was able to cancel my reservation at the other place until 6:00pm.  Not surprising, as this looked like the sort of establishment that rents their rooms more by the hour, if you know what I mean. #notellmotel

Well, after that debacle, we had a good laugh and were more than ready for a drink.  First stop…..the Sierra Nevada Brewery!  Unfortunately, I dropped the ball on booking a tour, as you have to book many of them 30 days in advance.  It was really not an issue though.  We had a great time walking through the grounds, sampling beers, and having lunch in the taproom.  FYI….for a large brewery, I thought the food prices were very reasonable.  Pretty much everything is “bar/brewery” food, but most things were right in the $10 range.  My husband said that the duck fat fries were unreal!

I could literally spend all.day here.  So much to check out!

Afterwards, we hopped in our Uber and headed back downtown.  For those of you not aware, Sierra Nevada is about a 15-minute drive from downtown Asheville.  A $20 Uber ride for us.  Well worth it.  Next on the agenda?  Wicked Weed Brewery!  My brother Chuck and his wife Rachel met us for dinner, and it was a hopping scene!  It was pretty much perfect weather on Saturday, so everyone was out and about.

My mom bought Kenny his Irish Yoga t-shirt.  It is a fan favorite for St. Paddy’s day, as well as all other unofficial drinking holidays.  🙂

It was still early at that point, so we decided to keep the party going with an impromptu pub crawl.  We headed to Burial next.  I had never been before, and I must admit, I was not super impressed when I first walked in.  However…….once we headed to the back bar, we came across a monstrous outdoor area.  The atmosphere was super lively too, so I would absolutely recommend you pay a visit if you are planning a trip to Asheville.

Afterwards, we went to the new Greenman brewery.  Evidently, they just moved to a new facility, and it was nothing short of incredible.  We hung out there for a bit, chatting and listening to music, before Chuck and Rachel were ready to call it a night.  Obviously, Kenny and I did no such thing.  I was starving again, so we made it to The Southern for a last nightcap, and a side of mac-and-cheese.  Heaven!

The next morning, we headed over to Chuck and Rachel’s for a quick breakfast before we had to head home.  Rachel is a fantastic cook (I think she should do a food/fitness blog), and she prepared an awesome spread for us.

Healthy and tasty.  How about them apples?

Asheville is such a fun town, and we obviously only scraped the surface of things to do. Below is just a short list of things that you can find in this funky town.

…….the list goes on.  Actually, Asheville is already a top contender for our ten-year anniversary destination next summer!  I would really love to spend 3-4 days out there and “do it right”, so to speak.

Sad to spend only one night there, but one night is better than no nights, right?

Have you ever been to Asheville?  If so, what is your favorite thing to do?  Favorite activity/brewery/restaurant?

Have an awesome rest of the week, friends!

Heather 🙂


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