My Top Mom Fails……Revealed

Oh, happy day!  Only one more day of “work” on Monday, high school graduation on Tuesday morning, and then I am freeeeeeee for ten weeks!  I am so excited to be with Gavin all summer long.  We have tons of trips, excursions, and activities planned.  Bring on the fun!  I will be sharing our summer bucket list on the blog next week.  Be sure to check back.  Who knows….maybe you will be able to snag an idea or two!

I am so ready for this weekend.  Gavin had a cold and double ear infections last week, and I definitely picked up the bug from him.  All week I have been feeling like crud.  Ugh, is there anything more annoying than a summer cold?  Okay, probably, but still.  When the weather is nice and summer is just around the corner, the last thing you want is to be laying on the couch surrounded by balled up tissues.  Oh well…..better now than my actual summer break, right?  This weekend, we are taking Gavin to see Sesame Street Live!, and I have a bridal shower for my girlfriend Kayla on Sunday.  It should be a fun weekend!

Okay, on to today’s post……mom fails.  Womp, womp.  While I ultimately think you need to really, really, really do some bad things to be considered a mom failure, there are definitely some areas in which I could, let’s say, improve upon.  Come on ladies…..are you with me?  We all have some habits that we may have established, or shortcuts we took early on that seemed like a good idea at the time.  Only to find out…..yeah, that probably was not the smartest thing to do.  With that being said, here are three of my biggest mom fails.

  • Excessive Snacking– Yes, Gavin is a snacker.  My husband fusses at me some because of this.  Let’s go back to the beginning on this one, friends.  I keep Gavin pretty busy when I am home with him.  We are often traveling and on the go, so it can be difficult to always sit him down at the same time for lunch.  (Breakfast and dinner is not an issue).  Trust me, I tried at first.  When I used to travel with him, I would either stop and buy him a fun lunch somewhere, or pack him something yummy to eat.  Only to find out that he would much rather people watch, play with the menus, lick all his ketchup off his fries, and eat precisely 5 calories worth of food.  I would have just wasted 45 minutes of precious time, all for him to eat nothing.

So, then I just started rolling with it.  I would pack snacks in the car, and basically feed him his favorites as we drove.  Granola bars, Cheerios, pouches, whatever.  I have become an expert at tossing food over the seat while I drive.  Subsequently, this is now how he eats a lot when I am traveling with him.  And, because he has learned to like those items, he would much rather eat them at home as well.  When we eat lunch at home, again, I prepare him a meal, and he eats very little.  30 minutes later, he wants a snack.  And so on and so forth.

I know, I know!  Not what I am supposed to do, huh?  Right now, I am picturing you all shaking your heads at me.  He should learn to eat what I make him, and if he goes hungry, so be it.  He will learn to eat at mealtimes.  I know all of this.  I just don’t do it.  What can I say?  Mom fail #1.

  • Turning My Son into One of Pavlov’s Dogs- Okay, this one sort of piggybacks on the snacking, but I must admit it is kind of funny.  So, we all know how Gavin’s nickname is Mr. Wiggles, right?  Well, that nickname is no joke.  Changing his diaper from about 10 months-18 months was legit like wrangling an alligator in the swamps, complete with sweat dripping off my face.  I dreaded changing him, not because of the dirty diapers, but because of the manpower it took.  I am talking I would be red-faced, trying to hold him down while simultaneously preventing him from rolling over, putting his hands in his diaper, or scurrying away.

My friend Heather suggested that I give him some M&Ms for when I change him, to help him keep still.  (Heather has blond hair also, but she evidently is a lot more on the ball with these things than me).  Great idea!  Day #1…..I have no M&Ms, but I do have healthy raisins.  Ha!  Take that, people.  A healthy reward to keep him still.  This worked like a charm, until the day I ran out of raisins.

By this point, Gavin was already trained to be still for a snack, so I had to find something appealing.  Gavin was more than happy to help, running into the pantry and grabbing the “circle chocolates.”  Otherwise known as Lindt. You know, the delicious Swiss ones that are like 50 cents apiece?  Sigh.  Oh well.  Well, at some point I managed to get him off the Lindts, but there was no going back to raisins after that.  I have since downgraded to the Dove brand.

So, a typical diaper change looks something like this.  Me, wrinkling my nose….”Gavin, did you go poop?”  Gavin leaps up from whatever he is doing…….”I will get the Dove chocolate, Mommy!”  Yep…..there is no going back.  Interestingly enough, he only seems to ever want me to change his diapers now too.  Wonder why??

  • Toys, toys, and more toys-  You guys, I said that I would never.  Gavin would have, ya know, maybe three or four toys.  They would of course be blocks and things that would stimulate his little brain.  Mostly we would be outside anyhow, running around and building houses out of sticks and rocks and stuff.  Well, he and his daddy would be.  I would be reading US Weekly in a lounge chair on the deck.

To look around my house now, you would see how far I have come from that train of thought.  Come over now at your own risk, as there is a very good chance that you might break your neck on Paw Patrol, VTech race cars, or toy trains.  Yes, Gavin has a lot of toys. Part of the problem is that we don’t have a bonus room, and Gavin is not old enough to play away from me.  As a result, we have converted our dining room into his “toy room.”  It actually works out well, although it is a bit of an eyesore.  Once he is older, we can move his play area upstairs, and hide the toys a bit more.

Although, I will say that my kid does actually play with toys.  For hours a day.  This makes me feel better at least.  I mean, he even plays with stuffed animals!  How many kids do you know who actually play with stuffed animals??  Gavin lines them up, buries himself in them, talks to them…..the kid just likes to play.

Final Thoughts

I  have now bared my parenting failures to you all.  At the end of the day, not so bad, huh? Keeping it all in perspective….snacking throughout the day is kind of European, eh?  And aren’t they always saying that the European lifestyle is healthier, better, etc?  Well, there ya go!

And who really cares that I can’t change my kid (literally CANNOT) unless I bribe him with chocolate?  It just means that potty training this summer (Lord help me) should be a breeze!  Right??

Finally, the toys…..well, not sure what to say about those.  He loves them, and they certainly encourage creativity.  Plus, the toys distract him so that I can get some things done.

At the end of the day, I don’t think these parenting failures are all that big of a deal.  Sure, if I could go back, maybe I would do a couple of things differently.  However, I certainly don’t lose sleep over ANY of this stuff.  If I do end up having another child, I will know what I should avoid doing.

But…….then I look at Gavin.  He is independent, funny, creative, lively, and most important of all, happy.  

So, on that note, maybe I actually wouldn’t change a thing.

Tell me…..what are your mom flaws?  Don’t be shy, we all have them!

Have an awesome weekend, friends!

Heather 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Top Mom Fails……Revealed

  1. Hey Heather! I don’t think these are mom failures at all! I see it as you finding solutions to your problems! If you didint give him those raisins then you’d have bigger problems right? Like poop all over the place! Lol. Also snacking I think is fine. At least he’s eating. Better than not eating. My daughter is the same way. I give her a meal that she barely eats, next thing you know, she’s asking for a snack. I guess their little bellies can’t tolerate so much food at one time. And the toys, my kids also have tons of toys! It sounds like he has a blast with the toys! You sound like a wonderful mother!

    1. Emily, you are too sweet! Sometimes I do feel badly, because I know that I have probably set up some bad habits. But then I think… it really that big of a deal? Does it make a big difference down the road?

      Mom worry is a real thing!

  2. “I will get the Dove chocolate, Mommy!” HILARIOUS!
    My daughter is now accustomed to receiving a Gerber puff for every spoonful of food she’s willing to eat.
    I didn’t even realize she understood the bribe (she’s 9 months old) until she started REFUSING to take another bite until I gave her a puff. Not sure how I’m gonna transition her out of that one, but at least I know I’m in good company with you and the Dove chocolates 🙂

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