Sesame Street Live! and Bridal Shower Fun

The picture above pretty much sums up Gavin’s weekend.  He is on a major ice cream kick lately……chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, whatever.  He is not particular in the least!  As long as it’s sweet and delicious, sign him up.  Oh, and two scoops please.  🙂

As for myself….I had a great weekend as well!  Kenny and I took Gavin to see Sesame Street Live! on Saturday afternoon, and he had a blast.  At just under 90 minutes long (with a 15-minute intermission), it was the perfect length for the little ones.  Next on our list to tackle…..Cars 3!  It is coming out next weekend, and I really want to take Gavin.  I am not sure though…..Gavin is not three until September, but I am so ready for him to try out the movie theater experience.

Oh, and you may notice that Gavin is sporting a new, clean cut look.  That is because on Saturday morning, this happened.  Let’s review the evidence, shall we?

Exhibit A.

“Mom?  What’s happening?  Why is my hair falling all over the place?  Get it out of my mouth!  Aaaargh!”

Exhibit B.

“Mom??  Why are you just standing there??  Save me!!”

Exhibit C, the final product.

Yep, I had pretty much had it with the overpriced, under-delivered haircuts.  We bought some clippers on Amazon last week, and they will pay for themselves after a few uses. Honestly, this was so easy.  I ran upstairs to grab my phone, and by the time I returned, Kenny was almost done with the whole thing.  If you can’t find a good hairdresser for your little guys, definitely look into just giving them a buzz cut.  If nothing else, it will keep them cool for the summer months.

Once the trauma of the event was over, Gavin moved on to more important things.  Namely, cleaning.

Put ’em to work young, ladies.  The funny thing is, he is actually quite good!  In the above pic, he was sweeping up some errant crumbs LOL.  Gavin used to like to use my real broom, but after he about took out my eye with the handle and almost knocked down a couple of crystal vases, I thought maybe a child’s set would be more appropriate.  My mom bought Gavin this Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set for Christmas, and he whips it out at least a few times a week to tidy up the place.  #childlaborforthewin

Sunday was another busy day, as I had a bridal shower to attend for my friend Kayla.  Kayla and Clark are getting married in Raleigh at the end of September.  My good friends Chelsea and Kim were the gracious hostesses with the mostesses, and they did a fabulous job.  The food was delicious, decorations were beautiful, and the overall atmosphere was just really fun and relaxed.  Most importantly, we got to shower this beautiful bride.

Chelsea’s mom made the cupcakes, and they were fantastic!

It was a fabulous afternoon with great friends, and I already can’t wait for the big day at the end of September!

Fun fact…..I also wore the above dress at my baby shower almost exactly three years ago, in June 2014.  I almost think it looked better with a bump underneath.  It is not a maternity dress.  Rather, I had purchased it several years ago from The Limited.

I was seven months pregnant in this picture.  Such a wonderful day, and goodness, how time flies!

So tell me….at what age did you bring your child to their first movie?  Any tips or pieces of advice?

Heather 🙂





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