Book Review #10- “Stillhouse Lake”, by Rachel Caine

Hey there!  I am back with another book review.  Today’s book….”Stillhouse Lake”, a suspenseful novel by Rachel Caine.  I had never read any of Rachel Caine’s books before, but it appears that she writes a lot of series’, many of them for young adults.  Her genres include science fiction, fantasy and horror.  “Stillhouse Lake” is her latest piece of work that I recommend for those of you looking for a quick, suspenseful, and riveting read.

Our story begins with our protagonist Gina Royal arriving home one afternoon with her two children.  Gina is a stay at home mom, and spends her days taking care of her children and maintaining her happy household.  She is, so she thinks, happily married to her husband, Melvin.  However, Gina’s life takes a horrific turn when a simple traffic accident exposes her husband’s secret life as a serial killer.


And guys…..there weren’t just a couple of victims.  Once the investigation is complete, it has been determined that Melvin has been responsible for the vicious deaths of over twelve women.  Can you imagine?  Gina had been living her life blissfully unaware of her husband’s demented proclivities.  The aftermath of the murders continues to tear apart Gina and her children, as she is forced to prove her innocence, even after her husband is sentenced to death.  While Gina is eventually exonerated for any role in the crimes, the court of public opinion is brutal.  Gina and her children are forced to begin a life on the run.  Names are changed, and they eventually start their lives over in a quaint Tennessee town, Stillhouse Lake.

Gina becomes Gwen, and life resumes, as normal as possible.  She begins a quiet life, where identities are hidden, and no one can get too close to Gwen and her kids, now teenagers.  Slowly, Gwen begins to feel more and more comfortable in her new life.  The past remains hidden, but Gwen begins to build a new home for her kids, and even slowly opens up to a new man in her life.

Until…….a body is found floating in the lake.  Shortly afterwards, another one.  The similarities are just too bizarre.  How could it be Melvin, though?  He has been locked up for years.  Did he have a partner all this time?  Has someone been stalking Gwen and her kids, ready to strike at the very moment when they let their guard down?  Or is someone trying to pin these horrific crimes on Gwen?

Gwen embarks on a frightening journey to save not only her own life, but the lives of her children.  For it appears that Melvin has remained much closer to her than she ever realized.  Much closer.  He is angry and set on revenge.

And he won’t stop until he has Gwen as his ultimate prize.

Overall Thoughts

I liked this book.  It came highly recommended to me, and while I can’t say that it was the best thriller that I have ever read, it got the job done.  It was a quick read, and there were enough twists to keep me engaged.  However, it was certainly not the “deepest” mystery I have ever read.  I was not blown away by any of the plot turns, but I certainly wanted to see how the story ended.

And….end strong it did.  “Stillhouse Lake” is the first book in the series, so there was a definite cliffhanger at the very end, ensuring that I will be sucked in to the whole shebang before all is said and done. I would recommend this novel for an easy read, especially if you have a trip/vacation coming up, and you need something that you want to plow through fairly quickly.

Check it out!  You can find the Amazon link  here.

Also, the sequel to “Stillhouse Lake” recently came out.  Check out my review on “Killman Creek!”

And make sure to check back in!  I have LOTS of summer fun to share with you guys.  Man, I summer’d so hard.  There will be recaps of trips to Beaufort, Delaware, our Pirate’s Voyage excursion, and bringing our baby to a bar.  Amongst other things.  Lots of fun times in the Long household, my friends.

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