Life Lately-Keeping Busy in the Fall

Why, hey there, friends!  Yes, it has been a while since I have touched base.  I always say that September is the craziest, most tiring month of the year.  Being back at work after ten weeks off each summer always takes its toll, and it usually takes me a few weeks to adjust again to being exhausted LOL.  Once that becomes my new normal for the school year, I am good to go 🙂

September was an especially rough month since I was sick….pretty much all month.  I came down with a cold Labor Day weekend, which lingered for about ten days.  Once I thought that I was in the clear, I felt the dreaded sinus pain begin.  And, that’s when the fun really began.  My sinus infection lasted a solid two weeks!  You know it must have been bad when I even had to bow out of a girls’ beach weekend!  Yeah, that’s not typical, friends.

So, September pretty much consisted of the three R’s.  Resting, reading, and running.  And by running, I mean that I went weekly.  And….by weekly I mean once a week.  Sigh.  Oh well.  It looks like September was not my month to continue getting back in shape.  Story of my life!

Anyhow, I thought I would share some fun pictures of some our low-key September and October adventures.  We still managed to have a lot of fun!

We celebrated Gavin’s 3rd birthday with a small family celebration.  Since we spent a night at the Great Wolf Lodge this year, we kept the festivities pretty simple.  I ordered some Cars decorations off Amazon, picked up a cake at Publix, and voila!  Done and done.

We wore Christmas jammies and dressed up like elves in September……

We took bathroom selfies with dad………

My bestie Amanda visited Raleigh, and we took a beach trip with some friends….and Gavin!  Amanda is getting married this upcoming weekend (wahoo!) and she requested a relaxing weekend before the big day.  Nothing like a toddler to add some excitement to a bachelorette bash, huh?  I mean, he does like to run around naked!

This picture below makes me crack up.  We were in a restaurant in Myrtle Beach, and there was a small arcade area (or carnival, as Gavin calls it!).  Gavin was insistent on using the toy rifle from one of the arcade games to “fill the Batman car up with gas.”  So, that is what he was doing in the picture.  Oh, the sweet innocence of childhood.

We visited Nanny in Myrtle Beach on a separate weekend, and had a fun weekend playing with my mom, sister, and nieces.  Kenny was unfortunately unable to join us, as he has been studying for a big financial exam.  I am always thankful for some additional hands when I am traveling solo!

Teenage cousins are the best!

We hit up the Museum of Life & Science……..and waded in the stream sans shoes.

October is obviously not complete without a trip to a pumpkin patch.  Last Sunday, we met our friend Barbara and her great-nephew Dylan for some fun adventures in the hay.  Hillridge Farms never disappoints!

We went down slides…….

rode our first pony…..

took a hayride to pick out a pumpkin…..

and frolicked in the hay.  I mean, come on.  What more can you want out of life?

Yesterday, we make “pumpkin shortcake” at Gavin’s request.  Thank God for Pinterest, and the easiest pumpkin dip recipe known to man.

And there ya have it….September and October in a nutshell.

We have some more craziness coming up.  This weekend, I am jetting off to Kansas City for Amanda and Joe’s wedding.  The following weekend, Gavin and I are flying to New York to visit my friend Heather.  It will be my first solo flight with Gavin.  Moms of toddlers…..give me some tips!  I will happily take whatever you have.  Then of course we have Halloween and my birthday in November, followed by holiday craziness.  Whew!  I mean, who has time to work anymore?!

Feel free to leave your tips for traveling with toddlers.  I have mastered road trips, but really need some advice for flying….with a layover!







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