A Quick Jaunt to New York, and Fall Fun

Happy Friday, friends!  This week flew by, largely due to the fact that I only worked three days.  Gavin and I were out-of-town last weekend (more on that below), so I only had to work Wednesday-Friday.  Working part-time was rather lovely, I might add.  Especially if you have childcare options as well.  While we returned from our trip on Monday evening, Gavin spent part of Tuesday in school.  I was able to accomplish a TON while he was gone, resulting in a much happier and more relaxed mom when he came home.  Childcare for the win!

Our weekend fun began last Friday afternoon, when I decided on a whim to bring Gavin to a local pumpkin patch.  While we had already visited a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, it was a beautiful afternoon, and I was itching to get outside with Gavin for a couple of hours.  I decided to try out Phillips Farm in Cary.  I had heard a lot of positive things about the activities for children, so Gavin and I decided to give it a whirl.  (FYI….they also have haunted houses in the evenings, which I have been to before.  I can attest that those are great fun if you are into spooky things).

Gavin and I spent a couple of hours playing on the playground, sliding our hearts out, bouncing away, and riding on the tractors/trains.  You could easily spend a few hours there, and I thought that it was reasonably priced for adults.  For kids?  Eh, could have been cheaper.  While two and under was free, everyone else was $10.  For a family with a few kids, that could get relatively pricey.  However, I would definitely go again, as I am just accepting the fact that #lifeisexpensive

After we returned home, it was time to get packed up.  Saturday morning, Gavin and I were up bright and early in order to catch our flight to New York.  Back in the summer, I planned a trip for Gavin and I to visit my best friend Heather and her son Jacoby.  Jacoby is four years old, and I knew that he and Gavin would have a blast playing together.  Plus, although Gavin has flown a couple of time before, I have never flown with him by himself.  I knew that it was time for me to tackle the trip!  Road trips?  Not a problem.  I have driven Gavin to and from New York by myself.  Something about a plane ride with a toddler just sounded so…..I don’t know…..hard?  Intimidating?

Well, suffice it to say, Gavin did awesome on the way up, and that included a layover.  He was a perfect angel.  So of course, I started thinking about a blog post I could create with tips and suggestions to make flying a breeze.  I mean, clearly I was already an expert, right?

Wrong.  The way home was about a billion times worse, largely due in part to the fact that Gavin was exhausted.  There was a moment when we were both in tears.  Which actually led me to the conclusion that I know nothing.  They are toddlers, people.  There is no rhyme or reason.  So hunker down, say a prayer, and have one of these…….

….which I completely forgot to bring.  Epic failure.  But seriously.  Have a drink and relax, for you shall never see any of these people ever again.  But we did see this guy in the Baltimore airport, passing out candy.  Ya gotta love Southwest, huh?

We arrived in Buffalo right around lunchtime.  Heather picked us up, and we headed off to an indoor playground to meet my friend Meaghan and her two little boys.  It was a pretty rainy and cold weekend in upstate New York, so indoor playgrounds were where it was at pretty much all weekend long.  After playing for a couple of hours, we hit up Friendly’s for lunch, then headed back to Heather’s house to play for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was another rainy day, so we headed into Rochester to meet up with my friend Amy and her little guy, Adam.  We killed a few hours at the Ontario Play & Cafe, which I can’t say enough good things about.  It was perfect for toddlers and small children, and was even appropriate for children up to the age ten.  The room was spacious and clean, and included water tables, a pirate ship playground, swings, blocks, cars, etc.  Views were unobstructed throughout, so for the most part, the parents were able to sit and chat while the kiddos played.  If you have kids and live in the Rochester area, I would absolutely recommend this facility.

Not loving the smock, but he dealt with it.

Afterwards, it was time for lunch at Tully’s, (hello, bottomless popcorn) before we rounded out the day with a visit to Chuck E Cheese’s.  Gavin and Jacoby had a ball playing all the games and exchanging their tickets for a prize at the end.  $10 in games got Gavin a small pack of Skittles and a sticker.  Quite a bargain LOL!

Sadly, they no longer have the infamous ball pit at Chuck E Cheese’s.  That thing was always nasty and filled with tons of germs, I imagine.  But sooooo much fun!

Afterwards, it was back home again to relax and get ready for our flight home on Monday.

Tuesday was spent doing errands before the Halloween madness began.  Gavin was adorable as Marshall from Paw Patrol.  While I thought he would be way into trick-or-treating this year, he surprised me.  Kenny took him while I passed out candy, and they were back in about twenty minutes.  Gavin seemed satisfied with his loot though, so I guess that is all that matters, huh?

Another perk of Halloween fun?  Being boo’ed!  I love this new neighborhood tradition cropping up in neighborhoods.  Gavin loved his unexpected treats that showed up on our porch, and we had a lot of fun buying surprises to boo our neighbor friends with.

After two weekends of travel, I am more than ready to hang local this weekend.  We do have plans to visit the zoo tomorrow, and then on Sunday we have brunch plans and a cookout to attend.  Should be a fun weekend!

Do you have any fun weekend plans?  Don’t forget to fall back on Saturday night!

Heather 🙂





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